Social Media Management Services

As leaders of your community, you understand the importance of communication. Along with the costs and intricacies involved in keeping your civic obligations and the need to connect with community residents, business leaders, and visitors, you are, frankly, in the business of “marketing” your town, city, state, or municipality. This requires an effective communication tool that will help you keep your commitments. An effective civic social media presence can help address your needs. Social media for municipalities and other organizations must be a vital part of your communications strategies. The most effective civic communications strategies and the best civic websites take advantage of the synergies of these two vital platforms.

Why Social Media?

Your community is already using social media on a daily basis—it’s past time for you to get in on the action.

Studies show that 74% of online American adults use social media networking sites. That’s three-quarters of your adult population! The number is even higher for citizens under the age of 18—your future leaders: fully 95% of all teens 12–17 are online, and 81% of those use some form of social media.

Your community members are mainly using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to connect online with the world around them, so statistically, those are the most useful platforms for organizations to use to communicate and increase involvement. Other platforms, like Instagram, blogging, and LinkedIn, are also very popular. Each platform has its unique personality and attracts people from different walks of life. It’s important to meet your audience where it is, so making more than one social media platform part of your civic culture makes the most sense.

An Extension of Your Civic Website

Your civic website (and effective website management) goes a long way to meeting your communication and marketing needs, but in this digital age, your second most important online communication tool is social media for your civic organization. One cannot replace the other; they work together to help you tell your community’s story more completely. While the best civic websites “pull” your audience in, social media “pushes” straight to their news feeds. Rather than just telling people about your community, social media allows you to show them. Both should be an integral part of your civic public relations strategies. Utilize the technologies that will improve community engagement, and stay in the communication game.

Our Social Media Services

In addition to our stellar civic sites services, Civic Webmasters helps organizations use social media to achieve their communication and marketing/branding goals even more effectively. With services covering everything from social page set-up and support to page management, we have a package to fit your specific needs. As part of our website management services, we can make sure your social media efforts are seamless and highly effective. Strengthen your civic public relations today by implementing civic social media services. We can help.