Pricing and Packages

In order for you to get the best value from our services, we offer several options to meet your muncipality's needs. Let’s start with our website services pricing:

Standard Website Design

Prices begin at $1950 and include:

  • 15 pages (including copywriting and royalty-free photos)
  • Your choice of website colors
  • Personalized header area that reflects your town's name and mascot
  • Site map recommendations for intuitive navigation and best practices
  • Additional pages are $70 per page during the design phase

Customized Website Design

Prices begin at $3240 and include:

  • 20 pages (including content written/edited by professional copywriters)
  • Royalty-free stock photos (or you can provide your own) and website colors of your choice
  • Customized header, footer, and background image to reflect your town's personality and/or locale
  • Additional pages are $110 per page during design phase

Premier Website Design

Prices begin at $6200 and will depend on design and layout needs.

  • Premier sites include a uniquely custom, responsive website design created just for your town or city.
  • 15 pages (including content written/edited by professional copywriters)
  • They include everything in our custom website design package with the flexibility to have a muncipality website that will rival those of high-end development firms that charge prices in the tens of thousands. 
  • Check out a few of our premier sites.
  • Find out how our custom website development works.

Discounted Add-On Packages

In addition to the website design options mentioned above, we offer additional services that will take your communications and marketing efforts to the next level. They include:

The Orchard Package (Branding Services) $799

  • Custom logo design
  • 250 full-color, one-sided business cards
  • 250 sheets full-color letterhead
  • 500 full-color envelopes (#10 standard or Universal)

The Grove Package (Social4Schools Services) $3350

  • Design and set-up for social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ($500 value)
  • One year Social Media Communications Plus Package management services (annual social media management is just $3000 after the first year)

The Woodland Package (PR 4 Schools Services) $21,700

The Forest Package (All Inclusive)  $22,500   BEST VALUE!

  • Custom logo/mascot design ($500 value)
  • 250 business cards, full-color letterhead, and full-color envelopes ($360 value)
  • Social media design and set-up for 3 social media platforms ($500 value, choose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest)
  • Fully-managed social media services ($3000 value)
  • Part-time public relations communications coordinator for 8 hours per week ($22,000 value)
  • Strategic 1–3 year communications plan development consulting