PR & Marketing

For the past 15 years, many of our customers have told us that the hardest part of managing their website, social media, and creating effective communication channels was not having the feet on the ground to make it all happen. We agree. That is the tough part. Everyone already has a full load of work and adding “other duties as assigned” just doesn’t fill the bill in reality. Civic Webmasters has a solution that we call PR4 Civics.

When you need people in the trenches, actually gathering information and sharing your community’s stories, we can provide you with the staff to act as your on-site Communications Coordinator (one we will hire, train, and guide). Your communications coordinator will use our expert staff to deliver all the needed deliverables that will include skillsets like graphic design, copywriting, public relations strategy, proofing and editing, and much more.

Whether you have a dedicated public relations director who currently manages your public website and needs help keeping it current and informative or you have no communications support due to budgetary constraints, PR4 Civics might be the solution.

Here’s How It Works

  • We will hire and train an individual from within your local community to become your communications coordinator. (An involved and committed citizen is often the perfect candidate.)
  • Your communications coordinator will spend approximately one day a week on site (wherever they need to be) to keep the information flowing to us by gathering stories, planning activities, planning campaigns, coordinating your civic communications plan, and gathering photos and videos.
  • Our team of experts will get those great stories and successes and news on the website, into the social media posts, and even out to your local media outlets.
  • PR4 Civics assists your communications coordinator as she/he works with your organization’s administrators to plan your communications and content calendars that will tie into your key messages each year.

    We assist in developing a strategic 1–3 year communications plan and plan campaigns that will help you accomplish your communications, public relations, and community marketing goals.

    We will help your communications coordinator review analytics to track your communication success and improve on any weaknesses.

    If you are interested in any of our PR4 Civics services, please complete our PR4 Civics questionnaire so we can get you the specific information about the plan that will best meet your needs. PR4 Civics provides best-in-class public relations and marketing services to any civic organization at affordable prices (for as low as $21,500 a year, you can have a dedicated part-time communications coordinator on site who utilizes all the expertise of the Civic Webmasters team behind the scenes). We know you will be just as excited about this service as we are!